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Grow Your VoIP Business with Our PINless and Calling Card Solution

UdSwitch is committed to provide chance to VoIP entrepreneurs who intend to start their own calling card business with pin less dialing and rechargeable calling cards. Our solutions are packaged with dedicated server and calling card software allowing for easy of customer information management as well as vendor management.

PINless & Calling Card Solution

UdSwitch has come out with the complete range of VoIP based PINless and Calling Card solution aimed at end users for allowing them to make relatively secured and inexpensive domestic as also international calls. The Calling Card and Pinless solution from UdSwitch can be utilized not just as in-house managed solution but also as provider managed solution and wholesale solution. Available in prepaid mode the solution being offered by UdSwitch allows the service provider to provide flexible routing, as well as rating and recharge options to users to help their business grow. Not just that a customized web portal can also be created to provide resellers and distributors a competitive edge over others.

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  • PiN and PiNless support
  • Billing and Invoice Management
  • DID Management
  • Rate Plan Management
  • Speed dial and call back enabled
  • Flexible IVR Support
  • Balance transfer between accounts
  • Reseller management
  • Web administration console

Custom VoIP Solutions

"Minimize unnecessary effort and extend your VoIP business capabilities with our customized VoIP Solutions"

You can customize VoIP switch to your needs depending on your business requirements. Some of our customers have very specific requirements in VoIP switch. Our highly skilled team work on custom made VoIP solutions for client requirements and budget.

Udswitch wishes to help VoIP service providers meet their business requirement to provide the best possible service to the customers and ultimately give boost to their revenue. We aim to provide high performance VoIP switch solutions at nominal prices to our customers.

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