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VoIP based IVR solution as suitable substitute for PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) allows IVR systems to match customers with database records using phone numbers as key to present advanced options that take their calls further to their needed. Our VoIP based IVR solution allows to cut complexities related to the technology infrastructure used by service provider by bypassing systems such as dedicated voice or data lines. This helps quicken pace of interaction with customer ad as such improve customer loyalty, implement service improvements that was not possible earlier. Commonly used in banking, airline, retail, and telecommunication sector companies to interact with customers by allowing a computer to interact with customers using voice or keypad tones.

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  • Handle high call volume
  • Flexible Call Routing
  • Highly secure virtualized platform
  • Live Call monitoring
  • Different CDR reports
  • User friendly interface

Custom VoIP Solutions

"Minimize unnecessary effort and extend your VoIP business capabilities with our customized VoIP Solutions"

You can customize VoIP switch to your needs depending on your business requirements. Some of our customers have very specific requirements in VoIP switch. Our highly skilled team work on custom made VoIP solutions for client requirements and budget.

Udswitch wishes to help VoIP service providers meet their business requirement to provide the best possible service to the customers and ultimately give boost to their revenue. We aim to provide high performance VoIP switch solutions at nominal prices to our customers.

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