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UdSwitch with WebRTC intends to provide the end users the ultimate benefits of real time internet based telephony by embedding various components like network, audio and video into one open source platformor web browser. Web Real-Time Communications as its really known uses JavaScript, Application, HTML5 and Programming Interfaces to facilitate video and audio chatting such as VoIP, IM, SMS, video conference controlled by principals of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).


WebRTC is beneficial not just for individual users but also those companies who want to build their own customized contact center capability. WebRTC allows companies to augment their existing communication infrastructure as well as build anhosted PBX offering as well as other specialized components. Companies can also offer real-time interactive communications at unmanned kiosks for end users. The components that help set up a WebRTC enabled solution include a web client, a mobile client, WebRTC gateway, SIP network and a voice termination partner. WebRTC based communication is supported by almost all browsers regardless of affiliations as much of the service is standardized as peer to peer communication.

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  • Significantly better video quality
  • Faster connection time (up to 6 times)
  • Reduction in audio/video latency
  • No dependency on Flash
  • Entirely platform & device independence
  • Native HTML5 elements
  • Easily customizable & secured
  • Global audio conferencing
  • Browser abstraction
  • App server enabled
  • Quality voice and video transmission
  • No downloadsneeded
  • Browser to browser solution
  • Perfect interoperability with VoIP
  • Call recording in cloud

Custom VoIP Solutions

"Minimize unnecessary effort and extend your VoIP business capabilities with our customized VoIP Solutions"

You can customize VoIP switch to your needs depending on your business requirements. Some of our customers have very specific requirements in VoIP switch. Our highly skilled team work on custom made VoIP solutions for client requirements and budget.

Udswitch wishes to help VoIP service providers meet their business requirement to provide the best possible service to the customers and ultimately give boost to their revenue. We aim to provide high performance VoIP switch solutions at nominal prices to our customers.

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