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Class 4 VoIP Softswitch

UDswitch enabled extra layer of security for Wholesale VoIP Providers to prevent unauthorized login or any hacking attempts. The main advantages of UDSwitch, flexible, easy to use and all-in-one Class 4 Softswitch solution. The whole system assessable from any device and any place.

Our main focus is to secure a solid Class 4 VoIP Softswitch solutions for our clients to build their businesses and progress towards their goals.

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  • Flexible Routing

    Least Cost Routing (LCR), Percentage based routing, Date & time based routing, Prefix length routing.

  • Real-time Monitoring & CDRs

    Total calls monitoring, Call Processing time, Active Calls, ASR/ ACD Quality monitoring, Real time credit/debit reports.

  • Advanced Billing Management

    Real time billing, Prepaid & Postpaid billing, Invoice Generation, Billing failure action management.

  • Rate Plan Management

    Destination based rate management, Carrier & Prefix wise rate management, Date & Time based rate management.

  • Sales & Reporting

    Profit/Loss reports, Sales reports, Payments and Recharge reports, Client and Carrier wise reports.

  • Admin Management

    Admin track all users activities, All customers CDR viewing, Complete control Web Interface, Permission management.

  • Additional Features

    Unlimited Concurrent calls, SMS & Email Notification, Load balancing & failover, Fully customized interface.

  • System Integrations

    Multiple server support with failover, Support for multiple routes, APIs for third party Integrations.

  • Support & Security Protection

    Built in high-performance IP firewall, Password security controls, Quick support with maximum flexibility.

Custom VoIP Solutions

"Minimize unnecessary effort and extend your VoIP business capabilities with our customized VoIP Solutions"

You can customize VoIP switch to your needs depending on your business requirements. Some of our customers have very specific requirements in VoIP switch. Our highly skilled team work on custom made VoIP solutions for client requirements and budget.

Udswitch wishes to help VoIP service providers meet their business requirement to provide the best possible service to the customers and ultimately give boost to their revenue. We aim to provide high performance VoIP switch solutions at nominal prices to our customers.

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